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Available in New York and San Francisco — more cities, stores, and products coming soon.

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What People Are Saying

  • "As an early partner of Shimmer, we've provided the app to a number of our customers. They absolutely love the in-store experience. We're excited about this partnership."
    - Seth Arluke, North America Director of Retail, Fjallraven

  • “We curate our store with great emerging and established designers. Shimmer allows us to tell their stories, as well as ours, to entertain and connect with our community in-store. It's fun to shop here!"
    - Stephanie Krasnoff, American Two Shot

  • “For me, modern Brick and Mortar retail is about taking my customers on a journey. Shimmer helps me add a level of digital richness to that journey. It helps me connect with my customers and inspire them when it matters most: when they’re in the store.”
    Fulani Hart, Area Manager, Ernest Alexander

  • "Shimmer is a great tool for designers to consider the ways people can interact with their retail environment. The potential is limitless."
    - Virgil Abloh, Founder and Designer, Off-White

Shimmer is Here

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About Shimmer

Shimmer is building a new mobile platform that aims to transform the retail store experience.

The company was co-founded in 2014 on the belief that emerging mobile technologies can create powerful new loops of communication between consumers and retailers. The Shimmer platform encompasses the way in-store retail can leverage storytelling to bring together stores and shoppers in exciting new ways. As brands look to stand out and elevate shopping above price-point comparison, stories have become a primary asset in the shopping experience. With Shimmer, Retailers can now add a digital layer to their physical store to deliver original content that tells the story of the company and its products, as well as offer deals and rewards.

Shimmer’s retail platform is powered by proprietary technology in the fields of infrastructure-free indoor navigation, floor plan creation, and image recognition. The company partnered with Google X on Project Tango, and is part of Apple Maps Connect to enable indoor floor maps with “blue dot” positioning inside specialty retail stores.

Shimmer has raised more than $10 million in venture funding from Robert Bosch Venture Capital, CNF Investments, Chart Venture Partners and Observatory Capital.